Saturday, 30 July 2016

MDF Butterflies

Item Used :-

  • Extra Large MDF Butterfly
  • Sizzix Texture Fades Embossing Folder - Dripping by Tim Holtz
  • Sizzix Layered Dragonfly with Texture folder - 659579
  • Sizzix Butterfly die with Texture folder - 657209
  • Sizzix Butterfly die with Texture folder - 659578
  • Sizzix Butterfly dies - 661182
  • Black Gesso
  • White gesso
  • Viva Inka Gold gloss paints -  Aquamarin, Steelblue, Turquoise, Yellow Gold, Marsala, Lavared. 
  • Pebeo Gold Gilding wax 
  • Flat back 2mm pearls
  • 8mm gold rhinestones
  • Glossy accent
  • Glitters 
  • 5 Hat pins - pearls
  • Fine sand paper 

    1. How I've Created this butterfly 
    1. Cover the extra-large butterfly with black gesso. Let it dry. When MDF Butterfly will dry completely use one layer of Black Americana Decor Color Stain.
    2. Cut variety of sizes butterflies and emboss them. I needed at least 25 butterflies in variety of shapes. I have cut three dragonflies and stick together to give 3-D effect. Some butterflies are double just to create dimensions.  
    3. Some butterfly dies do not have embossing folders so leave some un-embossed butterflies. 
    4. Emboss dripping folder and with the use of white gesso stick on both top corners, cut the access papers. 
    5. Arrange all butterflies at Random and glue it down using white gesso.
    6. Put Dragonfly at the middle as a focus point.
    7. Leave it to dry completely naturally.
    8. When its dry use sand paper or block to smooth down edges and corners.
    9. Use Viva Inca Gold glossy paints with sponge brushes. When its dry and I’m happy with colours.
    10. I have used Gold Gilding wax
    11. Add antenna using hat pins
    12. Decorate with pearls and glitters.   
    13. Add rhinestones, glitters to decorated my multimedia butterfly

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