Monday, 26 June 2017

Tattered Lace Musical

  • Tattered Lace Zig Zag 1 
  • Tattered Lace Zig Zag 2
  • Tattered Lace Jazz Trumpet
  • Tattered Lace Jazz Double Bass
  • Tattered Lace Jazz Microphone
  • Tattered Lace Jazz Saxophone
  • Tonic Studio Numerial Die
  • Love sentiment dies
  • White Cards
  • Double sided coloured Blue and pink cards   
  • Black card   
  • 2 White large pearls 
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Corrogated 7x5" sheet
  1. Cut out using Zig Zag 1 outer frame dies 
  2. Cut out using Zig Zag 2 outer frame dies 
  3. Slot to fit with each other. 
  4. Make mountain folds to give shapes
  5. On pink and blue cards cot out shapes using mat 1 & 2 frames from Zig Zag 1 & 2 
  6. Stick them on white base card alternatively 
  7. Cut out happy Birthday on whit and pink using dies from Zig Zag 2
  8. Cut out on Black cards using Trumpet, Double Bass, Microphone, Saxaphone, Belle Dancer dies
  9. Cut out Love from white card
  10. Cut out number 7 on gold and black card Stick together as shadow
  11. Cut out Name alphabets on Black card 
  12. Assemble all together by sticking blue and pink cards
  13. Stick happy birthday at the top of the card with glue gun  
  14. Stick Love sentiment on top of second fold
  15. Stick Number 7 on the left side
  16. Stick Name letters on right side
  17. Stick all musical instruments, Belle Dancer, and with Love on the side folds at random  
  18. Made a base for put the card with corrogated sheet covered with Pink paper.  

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you love what I've shared!

See you soon ~ enjoy!
Love Ayoti xxx