Thursday, 19 April 2018

  Mixed media techniques, layering and colouring
  • Canvas 13x18 cm
  • Patterned tissue paper
  • Resin casts
  • Metal clock
  • Metal dragonfly
  • Bulb
  • Wire
  • Metal pen nib
  • Holo glitter in copper
  • Glitter in copper
  • Rusty Bronze Ayeeda Powder
  • Vivid Vintage Espresso paint
  • Microbeads x2, 15ml
  • Follow your dreams MDF 
  • Matte Blue paint 
  • Gesso white
  • Gel Medium
  • Heat Gun
  • Pallet Knife 
  • Baby wipes

  1. I have used back of canvas
  2. With the help of pallet knife put gel medium all round edges and in the middle, cover sides as well 
  3. Stick patterned tissue paper all round edges, middle and sides let it dry
  4. Add copper glitters, Microbeads and hollow copper glitters inside bulb, shake the bulb
  5. Roll wire on a stick to create coil, feed throw the bulp top, put hanging coil inside the bulb and close the top. Leave aside.
  6. Paint randomly  
  7. Paint key and Resin cast. Let it dry
  8. Take it off some paints with baby wiped to give antique 
  9. Add gel medium on edge of canvas, attach resin casts, bulb, metal dragon fly, metal nib, metal clocks etc
  10. Add all typed of glitters with gel media
  11. Let it dry over for 12 to 24 hours

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you love what I've shared!
See you soon ~ enjoy!
Love Ayoti xxx

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