Thursday, 25 August 2016

Winner of Ken Oliver's Challenge

Memory Box Butterfly 

  • Memory Box Floating Butterflies background Dies
  • Memory Box Floating Butterflies Dies
  • 7 x 7 cm Canvas
  • Ken Oliver Colourburst - Lemon Orange, Yellow Ochre & Orange Burst
  • Molotow Crome Liquid pen
  • Flatback Pearls
  • Tim Holtz Spritzer
  • Liquid Accent 
  • White Card 300gsm
  • Heat Resistant mat Hot stuff work surface Protector Non-stick

  1. Cut out floating butterflies background
  2. Cut out floating butterflies. Separate butterfly edge / frame from the pieces of bodies.
  3.  Colour butterflies edge / frame with liquid crome pen.
  4. Sprinkle little of each colour burst pigments on all pieces of butterflies bodies. Spray water on colour burst using spritzer. Let it dry naturally.
  5. Use liquid crome pen at the edge of all parts of butterflies bodies.
  6. Stick the edge / frame of butterflies on the butterflies background cut out. 
  7. Stick bodies in the frame of the butterflies. Give 3-D effect. 
  8. Rub Canvas on Protective mat where some wet left-over colour burst colours  from butterflies. Let it dry naturally
  9. Stick Butterflies on the Canvas. 

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See you soon ~ enjoy!

Love Ayoti xxx